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Dye Ink

Dye Ink

This dye sublimation ink is for printers:

Epson Stylus Photo 1270/1290/830U/R210, Epson Stylus PRO4800, Epson Stylus R800/R1800, Epson Stylus PRO7800/9800/7880/9880, Epson Stylus R1900, ect.

Epson 2400/3000/3070/4450/4800/4880/4900/5000/5070/7000/7070/7450/7600/7700/7800/7880C/7890/7900/9450/9600/9700/9800/9880/9890

Epson Sure color 2080/ Epson Sure color 3070/ Epson Sure color 3080/ Epson Sure color 5070/ Epson Sure color 5080/ Epson Sure color 5280/ Epson Sure color 6070/ Epson Sure color 6080/ Epson Sure color 7070/ Epson Sure color 7080 

Mimaki JV2/ Mimaki JV22/ Mimaki JV3/ Mimaki JV33/ Mimaki JV4/ Mimaki TS34/ Mimaki JV5 plotters ect.

Roland 400/ Roland 500/ Roland 540/ Roland 600/ Roland 640/ Roland 740K plotters ect.

Mutoh VJ1604/ Mutoh RJ8000/ Mutoh RJ900C/ Mutoh RJ900X/ Mutoh 1900/ Mutoh VJ1608/ Mutoh VJ1624/ Mutoh VJ1324/ Mutoh VJ1638/ Mutoh VJ2638 plotters ect. 

dye sublimation ink characteristics:
Vivid color. Wide color gamut. Deep black.

No Clogging.

High transfer rate.
Fit for transferring on polyester fabric and the substrate with polyester coating, the substrate with polyester coating, nylon, triacetate fiber, acrylic fiber, acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, aluminum plate, stainless steel, copper and porcelain.
Soft hand feeling on the transfer-printing fabrics.
The transferred printout is scratch-proof, durable for wash and extreme weather.
The image will not be cracked, peeled off and faded.

Product Type:

Dye sublimation ink


CMYK,LC,LM, LB,LLB,RED,OR,BL,Grey,Neon red, Neon yellow

Suitable Printers:

Epson/Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh or other brand plotters with DX4/DX5/DX7 printhead

Quality Assurance:

Testing raw materials with each lot. Testing ready inks with each lot. 


No clogging, vivid colors, wide color gamut, deep black.


Free sample provided, OEM acceptable. Customized service.

Carton size:

1 liter/bottle. 12 bottles/carton. Size is 0.46*0.34*0.23m. Gross weight is 14.492kgs.

Shelf time:

12 months.

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