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Solvent Ink

Solvent Ink

  • Product description: Solvent Ink


1,Solvent ink SK4 for SPT510/35pl head

2,Never clog the head

3,Vibrant,brilliant colors and excellent gamut


(1) Truly environment-friendly

(2) Vibrant, bright colors and wide color gamut

(3) 18-24 months outdoor durability without any coating

(4) For all printers equipped with SPT510/35pl heads

(5) High evaluation throughout the world

(6) Slightly smell

Quality Guarantee:

As an expert in this field, infiniti has its own lab to create and test products.To ensure our quality, there’re series of tests, including printing test, life test, low and high temperature test, Centrifuge test, aging test etc.

Use for:

For SEIKO SPT 510 35pl/ SEOKO SPT 50pl/ SEIKO SPT 1020 35pl and all Solvent printer that equipped with SPT510/35pl printhead.


it is printed on frontlit ,backlit,vinyl,polyester,Window film ,mesh ,backlit film ,blue back paper,ect roll to roll materials. It can be printed on outdoor advertising industry

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