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Transfer Ink

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For use with  EPSON 9710/7710/7910/9700/7700


1.Using German row materials ,reduce environmental pollution .

2.Fluency is good and never jam the nozzles ,suitable for continuous printing.

3.Quality is gentle in prosperities, flamboyant in color, perfect satiation ,can compare favourably with printing .

4.High compatibility , stability and color purity.

5.Strong infiltration capacity,no pore lines,no diffuse,no fade.

6.Excellent fastness rate, printed graphics context will be kept timelessly.

7.Saft and non-poisonous ,harmless to human.

8.Production space environment clean , less smell and smoke when transfer printing.

9.Printing solutions for digital printing, crystal, ceramic, craftworks, nylon and polyester will make your products more competitive.

10.Strong anti-uv up to 5.

Storage conditions:

Seal,keep away from sunshine at 5-40 celsius degree for 12 months.


Once open ,plesae run out of it within 6 months!


Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, metal, porcelain, plastic, carpentry, etc. It can be used on T-shirts, porcelain, clothes, glass and textile, decoration, outdoor advertising, gift field, fabric industry, portrait industry, label and card industry.

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